Since 2005 I have as part of my artistic practice worked as an independent curator based in the self-organized artist-run scene. 

It all started in 2005 where I opened my first exhibition artist-run platform Galleri Signe Vad, a non profit gallery in Copenhagen from 2005-2011. Then from 2014-2015 I initiated and was the artistic director for the exhibition platform TYS.

From 2017-2019 I was the initiator of a group-based exhibition and venue platform KRÆ Syndikatet in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen. This collective have then since re-shaped into an art and intervention group with three core members: Nanna Gro Henningsen, Michelle Appelros and I. tSoC works in a broad variaty of projects, bodt as organizers, curators and artists.

Lately I have organized a pallette of different Degrowth-based seminars, workshops and a festival. Which all have been a blend between art, academia, activism and the common population.

As a side project I have since 2021 curated exhibitions more then twelve exhibitions with the users of Linie 14, a space for clean addicts.

Selected curation and exhibition work

2023 Økosystemisk Frihedskamp, udstilling og performance/workshopprogram, Biokuben, Kulturhus Islands Brygge

2022 - 23 Institut for Organisk Kunst, platform for organic exhibitions, co-curated with Nanna Gro Henningsen

2021 - 22 Voices of Pythia, 16 performances in public space, co-curated with Nanna Gro Henningsen

2020 Pythias Journals, a 4 day online monomedia festival during first Covid lock-down, co-curated with TR Kirstein.  
2020 Catastrophe, Facebook exhibition during corona – Pythias Journals, online monomedia festival, co-curated with TR Kirstein

2019 Meat and Mysticism", Noysky projects, Los Angeles, US. Curated in collaboration w. Michelle Appelros.
2017 Extremophiles 1 - A perfectly rational response to an insane world. KRÆ, København. Curated in collaboration w. Michelle Appelros.
2017 - Founder- and part of KRÆ syndikatet - the Syndicate of Creatures
2014 -15 Artistic director and founder of the ExhibitionspaceTYS
2013 Curator for Det fynske Kunstakademis exitshow
2012 Curator for Afgang12, Det Jyske Kunstakademis exitshow
2010  Alt_Cph 10 In Space, Co-curator w Camilla Nørgaard, Fabrikken for Kunst og Design
2009 Curator for Alt_Cph 09, Fabrikken for Kunst og Design
2007-11 Artistic director Galleri I Skabet
2007 Curator of New Journal på Møstings Hus
2005-07 Artistic director Galleri Signe Vad


Seminars and workshops 2022-23

a collaboration with

Fabrikken For Kunst og Design

Degrowth festival - Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

With Art, talks, workshops and communal dining.

Sep. 2023

Alexander Holm & Mads Kristian Frøslev, Empedocles Ghost, collaboration w. Noysky Projects (US), KRÆ 2019

Summer solstice ritual 'Life' at KRÆ Syndikatet 2018

Pythias Journals - Monomedia festival, for text, sound and visual art

Launched during first Covid 19 lockdovn

13-26 May 2020

Talking Change - towards a sustainable art world. Conference at Juxtapose Art Fair, 2021

The Exhibition space KRÆ Syndikatet 2017-19

Meira Amumylic in conversation with Astrid Wang, KRÆ 2018

Anthropocene LeftOvers, A solo show by Clara Black Starck, 2018

The Exhibition space TYS 2014-15

Summer Solstice Mycelium, Solhvervs ritual "Life",  2018

Duet, Marianne Jørgensen og Jesper Rasmussen, Udstillingsstedet Tys 2015

Duo udstilling, MR Olsen og Sara Willemose Thomsen, Udstillingsstedet TYS, 2015

Conversation with curator Abir Boukhari (SYR), Udstillinsstedet TYS, 2015

Alt_Cph the alternative Art Fair 2009-10

Alt_Cph 10 In Space, Fabrikken for Kunst og Design

Alt_Cph 10 In Space, Fabrikken for Kunst og Design