Hver udstilling har et tema og en fortælling som bliver tydelig igennem de forksellige værker

Jeg tænker hvert værk i en installation, som en del af et digt

Every exhibition has a theme and a story that is told through the viraraty of art works

i think of each piece in an installation as part of a poem 


SOL NEXØ, Bornholm, 2023

All These Bright and Hazy Mornings 

VSA, Gøteborg, 2021

Triptykon of Disbelief - The Earth Says Hello

Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund, 2020

Unkown Malware Delivered

Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund, 2018

Death to the Death Star -

I don´t Want to Move to Mars 

Udstillingsstedet Staldgade 74, 2019

There Are No More Dolls In The Closet

Only A Respirator

Schiller palais, Berlin, 2017

Even with my hands above the covers,

I am the most dangerous on my way

Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund, 2016

Homo Carnõsa

Gallery Fagerstedt, Stockholm, 2016

The Day Made Everything Change

Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen, 2012

Woke Up Sticky

Gøteborg Kunsthal 2009