There Are No More Dolls In the Closet

- A performative sci-fi lecture

TOP Lab - Schillerpalais, Berlin 2017

There is NoMore Dolls in the Closet Only a Respirator
– A performative sci-fi lecture by Signe Vad

Welcome and well met –tonight I will introduce you all to a very special humanoid, namingly Homo Carnosa – human of flesh – we have named our resent ancestors this bizarre name because of their spectacular relation to their own basic material and core nutrition – they ate flesh fromreal animals back then.

who was this special human species and what did we find looking deeper into this era...

in year 3087 around fifty years ago, some archeologists discovered a burial ground in Northern Europe where the bodies was especially well preserved. Meaning that most of the bodies had well preserved flesh. Due to the chemicals in the soil it had not dissolved or rot away. But what is this mysterious flesh telling us, we are talking about bodies from the era of transformation, before the change.

We sit here warm and wellfed by the tubes, so we will have to imagine the world around1200 years ago. Imagine how the peoples living conditions were at these times, knowing that they didn't live long and that there was hard conditions like daily work and changing wether. The lecturewill take us on a journey into the body and flesh of the past. This is about our ancestors and therefore about us.

[Imyself hate to be ordered around so instead I will just suggest to please touch your belly while I continue...

The flesh you feel on the fingertips and softly on the skin of the palm is roots to a deep source within you – you might try to press a little to feel the flexibility and substance of your own flesh. Onthe inside of the surrounding holster, the skin, there is red, bloodis streaming through little corridors, red red blood, nurturing blood, giving live to intestines and muscles and flesh, wash the blood away and the colors will fade. The red blood is constantly circulating your body. The blood is warm, you are warm on the inside,every little cell inside need the heat to renew, in the belly started all humanoid life before. Growing a fetus a baby inside this red, reduniverse. You can keep the hand on the belly for pleasure during therest of the lecture, it will help the imagination.]

When we take a closer lookat the culture back then we see clear tendencies among youngsters tohate this flesh, it is not so easy to find explanations for this strange and abnormal cult. But there is signs that indicate arelation to problems with the bodyforced pregnancy we see beginningat this time.

Before the era of HomoCarnosa it seems that the humans were living with this body as themost natural thing, they didn't alienate themselves from their body, and we have no findings that indicate there was anyflesh-self-disgust. On the other hand it seemed they instead used religion to divide the world in the physical and the spiritual, Why this sudden change in tradition and norms are not really clear.

For centuries they had practiced bodyforced pregnancy, but suddenly the pregnancy process became more artificial, they develop ways to grow pregnancy inlaboratories. This change in the reproduction process happens simultaneously with the first indicators of a growing contempt among young people of their own bodies. It becomes the end of the era of bodyforced pregnancy and the beginning of a synthetic relation to theoriginal flesh.

Athrough study of the flesh of our well preserved ancestors, reveals multiple areas with synthetic substitutes, some have it around thecheeks others around the breast area or the buttocks. Some have implanted teeths in beautiful whiteish material others havesyntethic hair mixed into their natural hair and metal around planted on their body.

We have alongside with theflesh research been working on searching old data-trash. There we find a lot of interesting loose parts, that seem to date around same period


my teeth are rotten, my mind is rotten, my eyes are burning but not forsorrow

Not to be ungrapefruit but why do I look like this

all that thinking is no god, you just get so f* tiret of it all. Oh, that sharp razor, laying just there at the table – know I can't do it ..wishing..

My wrist, my canvas
My blade, my paintbrush
Across my flesh
A stroke of red
Dripping down
Thoughts of guilt
My wrist of scars
My canvas of blood
Suck pretty strokes
Such painful thoughts

I need you to fuck me as hard as I hate myself


[Maybe you feel like joining me in taking off shoes and socks – I yearn to feel the floor with the soles of my feet – sometimes this sensation of skin touching a surface feeling the temperature of the surface isso intense, it is the total sensation of feeling your existence.]

Well, these are all takeouts from young people with apparently healthy bodies – it seems that, at the time they did not regard this kind of flesh/liferelations to be a severe problem. They did not work on solving this flesh disgust as a common symptom. We find no evidence either in datatrails or historical artifacts that they worked on a broad general solution for this epidemic.

Instead it seems the method they choose for curing it, was to invent a broad variety of individual body-alteration possibilities. Hence the synthetics inside the corpses we dug out.

It is unclear where these tendencies come from, and where exactly the epidemic first began, somehow it seems like it pop up in many different places simultaneously.

Slowly the blood suffocated, the contempt our ancestors felt for the natural flesh,caused synthetic substitutes to classify as primary to the naturalflesh.

They developed a culturefor body-recreation or body alteration. Unfortunately they approachedit with an unbelievable simpleness and clumsy material, causing a fundamental change in the human condition.

[Ifsome of you want to increase the intensity of the flesh-experience reach down and touch your foot softly. Reach up and with the very tips of your fingers brush softly over the surface of your lower arm- Imagine to take a razor, thin and sharp and now cut deeply into the soft tissue.)


A cold sharp razor

touching soft pale skin

breaks it. Pooling blood

Like a volcano slowly erupting

Red and brown stains the pale

The pale smooth skin

It stains my hands and thigh

I keep going deeper and deeper

Relief washes over my body

The thoughts slowly disappearing

Its like I can breathe again

I take a gulp of fresh air

It fills my lungs

As if I am no longer drowning

Useless.Ugly. Fat

The words run through your head

No!..Maybe. Yes.

I agree. I am

pickup the blade

and cut

The thoughts win

The thoughts


Our ancient ancestors THEY created us, we would have been FREAKS a thousand years ago. When the hologram implant send you strong sensations in your entity, it simulates the body-flesh-sensations. Back then they had different sexes, they had different physical constructions, they did not choose from situation to situation which body-sex-formation they wanted.

I know it is very hard to imagine the primitive life contained in a body-hoslter, but such limitations was the basic condition for life back then.

Nature is rare and precious,meat is rare and immensely refined... they transformed, manipulatedor eradicated most of millinias refined fleshy-evolution, a power play with nature an urge to invent substitutes, and play god. Simultaneously with the syntetic alterations, both the humans egg and sperm quality dropped and the serious problems with bodyforced pregnancy began.

Homo Carnosa did it – itseems, in frustration and contempt of the human flesh – and here we meet free from that stinking rotting flesh, free from the gravity of the earth, free from the extreme uncomfort of carrying a foetus within the flesh, free to choose which sex, design, sensation-experience and lifespan we want.

Today we can thank these recent ancestors Homo Carnosa, for their ambivalent relation to their physical bodies. Because we can conclude that they started the transformation that freed us from the fleshy-containers humans were caught in a thousand years ago.

thanks for your attention today, you can shotdown your holograms now and safely return your attention to your tube.

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